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John has provided an extensive and highly regarded expert valuation and house clearance service for almost 30 years. He regularly works with bereaved families assisting them with sound and practical advice surrounding the services he offers.


As such, John is relied upon by many people at what can be an extremely stressful and difficult time and works with many elderly and vulnerable people.

More and more he finds himself helping clients downsize from their family home to smaller properties or sheltered accommodation. In these instances and on many occasions he helps clients, families and/or attorneys locate and compile relevant paperwork and private papers. John advises his clients what might sell well at the time of downsizing and suggests the best course of action for selling their goods. He provides valuations for inheritance purposes, for insurance and for current market value. His company can also arrange storage for items that are not suitable for a client when moving into their new property but may be too difficult to part with at that moment in time. He will organise and liaise with other companies that provide a UK or worldwide shipping service for goods that the client may want to pass onto friends and family.

Above all, John is always happy to discuss with the client and their family, their attorney or their solicitor what might be the best course of action to take – his service is always tailored to the needs of each individual client and their short and long-term personal circumstances and goals.

John recently helped a family locate, through extensive searching, an extremely valuable box and advised them where it would be best to sell such an item. The box in question made several hundred thousand pounds!!      

“I have used the services of John Dunton for house clearance and downsizing for a period of over 20 years. I cannot recommend his services highly enough. John is completely reliable and efficient. He has carefully sorted through large quantities of furniture, clothing and personal possessions to ensure that nothing of importance is disposed of casually and where possible items are sold on behalf of a client or donated to charitable causes. I have never had to remind or chase John up about arrangements and his watchwords of “it’s not a problem”, where we have indeed had some quite considerable problems, have been very welcome.

John has recently assisted with a transfer of my own elderly mother into nursing home care and has dealt with handling her personal possessions with complete sensitivity and has made the whole process as easy as possible both for my mother and myself. I would regard John as being entirely honest, extremely helpful and would recommend his services to anyone requiring assistance with downsizing or house clearance."

Pippa Snell


 John can be contacted on 01875 815571 or 07831 778853  
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